Meet the Crew

A man in red shirt and hat near waterfall.

Eric Thor Olsen


I was born in Seward in the Territory of Alaska. I grew up on the Kenai Peninsula living on the homestead my dad settled in the late 1940s. I fished with my dad through my teens and then independently along the Alaska coast from Prince William Sound, Cook Inlet, Kodiak Island and out west to Bristol Bay.


I sat for my USCG Masters license in 1984 and captained my first passenger boat running a nature tour for Kenai Fjords Tours. I have been the Captain of many different vessels, taking visitors out along the rugged Alaska coast for 37 years.


Now, I have my own yacht that will fulfill a dream I have had for years. A dream that has grown out of a love of sharing my Alaska with thousands of visitors of all ages and nationalities: to spend my summers cruising the inland waters of Alaska; anchoring in a different bay or cove every night; watching the whales, coastal brown bears, and bald eagles, trying to capture their beauty in my photography. Fishing, setting crab and shrimp pots, and eating seafood just pulled from the ocean.


It doesn’t get any better than that! If you have any questions or want to book a cruise please contact me.

Katie Larkin


Born and bred in coastal New England, my winters were spent listening to fog horns and anticipating balmier temperatures in which to play on the sandbar or hop in a sailboat. My dad taught me how to snag a mooring, tie a cleat and keep a heading, and mom taught me how to balance (on a boat, and everywhere else!). Both instilled in me a deep and profound respect for the ocean… to the extent that I still just don’t care for fresh water when salt is available.

I left the beaches of Cape Cod and Connecticut for college half way down the shoreline and inland to the mountains of Virginia, and from there I realized that there was a lot more for me to see and experience… idealy closer to water. Keeping that in mind, my state-side travels quickly turned international by the time I reached twenty.

This is my first time in Alaska, and I now have the wonderful opportunity to blend all of my favorite past times and work endeavors together. I’m happily bouncing around on my sea legs, doing everything I can to make novice and veteran boating enthusiasts just as blissfully content as I am. The sky’s the limit, and the horizon just keeps on going!

A woman standing in front of the water.
A man with a beard and mustache is smiling.

Adam Larkin


I spent my childhood in suburban New England attending the smallest public school system in the state of Connecticut. I feel like most people from small towns do one of two things. Settle down and never leave their comfort zone, or leave it all behind and start again somewhere drastically different. I always felt like there was more to life than what I was taught so as soon as I could……I made a run for it.

I started working in the hospitality industry merely as a source of income. After five years I decided to make a career out of it. After twelve years I started using that career to take me anywhere that I wanted to go. I had become pretty disenchanted working in traditional restaurant settings so I decided to move down to Miami, Florida to look for something different. I scored my first boat job there working in the galley for an event charter company. From the moment I took to the seas, my world was truly wide open. Twelve states, two territories, and five countries later I now find myself here in Southeast Alaska. Loving every minute of it.